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Myrtle berries (Myrtus communis)

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Myrtle berries (Myrtus communis)

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Myrtle (Myrtus communis) is an evergreen scrub plant that can grow up to 4-5 m, 3 m in average. Scrub grows naturally on the maquis slopes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Fragrant white flowers bloom in July-August. The color of berries ripening in October and November change from greenish white to purple and black. Flowers that pollinate itself by bees are hermaphrodite. They prefer clear sunny environments, light sandy and dry and drained soils. They are re...

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Zeynel Cebeci


Plant Science, Miscellaneous Crops


maquis plants, shrubs, Myrtus communis, myrtle

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