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Isabella grapevine variety (Vitis labrusca subsp.)

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Isabella grapevine variety (Vitis labrusca subsp.)

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Isabella is a local grapevine variety of Black Sea Regon in nothern Turkey. Since it is a humid-resistant variety of grapevines it does not need high temperature and dry climate. It is grown naturally by wrapping up forest trees i.e. chestnuts and alnus trees in the wild habitat. Its grapes are black and very aromatic and sweet-scented. The grapes of this less known variety is ripen at the beginning of October, and consumed as table grapes and/or making pekmez.

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Zeynel Cebeci


Horticultural Crops


blacksea, local grapevines, viticulture, vineyard, grapevine varieties, vitis labrusca, isabella

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Undergraduate (18-21)

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