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Traceability Sytems for Traditional Foods Based On Information Technologies

Traceability systems throughout the supply chain from production to consumption of food of, his actions, conditions, and so on are all history information system that allows the derivation. Traceability systems are mainly belongs to the food when it is encountered in any crisis monitoring and manage...

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Effect of Some Quality Parameters on Maltodextrin Production

In this study, production of maltodextrin from corn starch was carried out under both industrial and laboratory-scale production conditions by using two different ?-amylase enzymes, named Clearflow AA and Spezyme Fred, which are commonly used in food industry. The effects of the parameters like conc...

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Prevention of Diseases and Aflatoxin Contamination with Appropriate Cultural Techniques and Disease Management Practices in Peanut Farming -1

Aflatoxin contimination is one of the important problems on peanuts and its products. In this study, 28 different peanut storage stores in Osmaniye grains of moisture and aflatoxin content of groundnuts were taken. Mycroflora is determined by using classical identification key of species on samples....

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Organic Dairy Farming

Recently, organic livestock has gained importance as an alternative livestock method within the animal production systems, especially in America and many of European Countrys. Organic dairy farming that one of the most important part of organic livestock appeals to consumers who are concerned abou...

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An Overview of Organic Agriculture and Organic Aquaculture

' Organic farming, as a result of the deteriorating ecological system in the false applications for restoration of natural balance, synthetic chemical inputs are kept away from the production environment, disease and treatment methods in fighting harmful alternative to (phytotherapy, useful parasite...

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Organic Meat and Dairy Cattle Breeding

Meeting the nutrition requirements of the increasing population and attempts of gaining financial profits has led to increasing animal production. In this type of production, since it is crucial to obtain more and financially profitable products from a unit area, ecological balance and health crit...

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Organic agriculture and animal husbandry

This article is an assessment of organic agriculture and livestock in general.

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Determination Of Organic Crop Production Potential Of Kalecik District Of Ankara Province

Kalecik is a distinct which is 67 km away and is located on the northeast of Ankara. It is 725m. Above sea level. Its square measure is 1318km². Kalecik is surrounded by karabasan Mountain on West, İdris Mountain on South and Kızılırmak valley on north South direction. Because of this location it ...

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Aquatic Wild Plants

The biology, ecology and the environmental impacts of wild aquatic plants are described, and the environmental issues and controlling methods against them are explained in this book.

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Computing Performance and Clustering Validity Comparison of Fuzzy C-means Algorithm for Different Cluster Volumes

Clustering is an unsupervised classification to assign similar data elements into certain groups, called clusters. Each cluster consists of elements that are more similar to each others when compared to elements in other groups. Although they can be categorized in several ways, clustering methods ca...

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Choosing An Optimal K in K-Means Clustering

Cluster analysis has been one of the widely applied data mining techniques because of its usefulness in discovering the meaningful information such as the structures and patterns in datasets. Although there are hundreds of the methods in clustering arena, there is no any best algorithm that fits to ...

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An Ontology Development Study for Organic Agriculture and Agroecology Domain

Semantic web applications are principally based on the ontologies which formally represent the concepts and their relations in a domain. In the last decades, a remarkable increase in the number of ontologies has been observed in order to enable the common understanding of knowledge structure for s...

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A Programmatic Implementation of the Visual Assessment of Cluster Tendency Algorithm in R

In cluster analysis, the partitioning algorithms require a priori estimate of number of clusters (c) as an input parameter, and thus the success of partitioning depends mostly on this parameter. In order to find an optimal c, the obtained results are checked by the various cluster validity indices a...

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