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The Effect Of Different Packing Types On The Cold Storage Hicaznar Pomegranate

In this study, the storage in cold under normal atmospheric condition for 6 months and 15 days shelf life of packed with streched film (Thickness 12µ) and MAP (Thickness 8 µ) Hicaznar pomegranate variety grown in Adana condition has been investigated. Experimental results showed that Hicaznar pomegr...

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Research On Effects Of Hot Water And Chemical Treatments On Storage Of Some Citrus Species And Varieties

Citrus industry have a great potential in Cukurova region. Regarding the limitations of chemicals usage lead to increase of the postharvest physical treatments treatments like heat treatments and it is combination with the low dosage of fungicides. During the first year of this study the most suitab...

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The Effects Of Seed Amount And Sowing Methods On The Yield And Root Quality Of Balcali Radish Variety

This study was carried out in experimental and research area of the Çukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture. Radish cultivar "Balcalı" was used as plant material. Five different seed amounts (2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0 and 12.5 kg/ha), 2 sowing methods (row and spit down) and...

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Resistance Resources And Its Inheritance Against To Fusarium Wilt In Eggplants

Resistance resources and its inheritance against to Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. f. sp. melongenae Matuo and Ishigami have been investigated on infected eggplants in the present study constituting four major steps at which 25 different eggplant having domestically and foreign origin genotypes some p...

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Characterization Of Different Pepper Genotypes And Low Temperature Tolerance

In this study, morphological characterization of 562 pepper genotypes that were collected to be used in pepper breeding and selfed 6 times was performed. SAS and NTSYSpc statistical package programs were used for statistical analysis of morphological characterization data. A subset of collection th...

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In Vitro Conservation Of Embryogenic Callus Obtained From Some Citrus Species And Determination Of Their Genetic Stability By Using RAPD Marker

In this research, in vitro conservation in slow growth conditons of ovule-derived embryogenic callus from ten different citrus species and possibilities of developing in to shoots and plantlets from these calli at different conservation periods (30, 60, 90 days) is studied. After in vitro conservati...

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Obtaining Tetraploid Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum and Nakai) Plants By in Vivo and in Vitro Methods

This study was planned to produce tetraploid watermelon plant which is the main production material of seedless watermelon. In this study watermelon cultivar Crimson Sweet was used and the effects of 2 in vivo and 2 in vitro methods on the obtention of tetraploid plant were investigated. In the firs...

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Phenological, Morphological, Pomological and Molecular Characteristics of the Wild Almond Genotypes Collected from Different Ecotypes of Turkey

In this study, phenological, pomological and morphological characteristics of wild almond genotypes in our country's natural flora were investigated for three years. Molecular identification of them were performed by RAPD markers. Since there is not much study on the determination of these wild almo...

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Possibilities Of Organic Strawberry Runner Plant Production Under Adana Conditions

This study was carried out to search the effects of some organic applications (farmyard manure, chicken manure, green manuring and combinations) on strawberry plant production yield and quality during 2004-2005 in Adana. At the end of the study, runner plant numbers per parcel units were calculated ...

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The Effect Of Different Postharvest Treatments On Physiological Disorders During Cold Storage Of Some Important Late Nectarines Cultivars

This research aims to bring out different methods for the Maria Aurelia and Orion nectarines cultivars with postharvest treatments after harvesting for keeping the quality, reducing the physiological disorders and fungal diseases, extending the shelf life. After harvest nectarine fruits were subject...

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The Effect Of High Density Plantation and Spanish Bush Pruning Systems On Yield And Fruit Quality Characteristics Of Some New Sweet Cherry Cultivars

This research was carried out at Cukurova University, Pozantı Agricultural Research and Application Center during 2004-2005 years. In the study, sweet cherry cultivars Sunburst, Hedelfingen, Meckenheimer, Early Rivers, Venüs, Nadino, Summit, Na-1, Lapins, Na-474 grafted on Idris rootstock were prune...

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In Vitro Clonal Mikropropagation of Gf-677, Ak-1 and Ak-2 Almond X Peach Hybrid Rootstocks By Shoot-Tip Culture

This study was carried out in Biotechnology laboratory of C.U. Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture during 2004-2006. The shoot tips of AK-1, AK-2 and GF-677 almond x peach hybrid genotypes taken from the orchards of C.U. Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture were used. As...

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The Effects Of Different Pollinators On Fruit Set And Fruit Quality In Robinson Mandarin

In this reseach, Dancy, Fairchild, Klemantin SRA-70, Klemantin SRA-73, Lee, Marsh Seedless, Nova and Sunburst citrus varieties were used as pollinators for Robinson mandarin. Pollen viability, germination and production under in vitro conditions and pollen tube growth under in vivo conditions were ...

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Effects of Pruning on Carbohydrate Accumulation and Fruit Bud Formation in Cherries

Diese Studie wurde in Landwirtschaft administrieren der Ballenpresse (Ulukışla - NİĞDE) im Jahr 2004 durchgeführt. In der Studie bilden der Obst-Knospe mit 10.05.15 cm kurzen Rebschnitt auf den 1-2 im Alter von Zweigen der Lapins, Gipfel, Sweetheart und 3, 4, 5 Jahre alte 0900 Ziraat Kirsche Sorte, ...

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Changes on the Amount of Phenolic Compounds on Maturation Stages of Some Pomegranate Varieties

This study was carried out at the pomegranate orchard Horticulture Department of Çukurova University between 2004 and 2005. In this study, the eight phenolic compounds (gallic, chlorogenic, caffeic, catechin, protocatecuik, ferulic, p-coumaric and o-coumaric acids) were determinated at juice, seeds ...

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Differential Interactions of Phytophthora capsici Isolates with Pepper Genotypes and Characterization of Resistance Resources

This study encompasses an investigation of inheritance of resistance against P. capsici Leon on pepper. The study was carried out at four major steps. The first step was to test 35 different pepper genotypes obtained domestically or brought from abroad with nine P. capsici isolates, eight of which o...

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Morphological and Physiological Investigations upon the Effects of Different Applications on Iron (Fe) Uptake among Grape Genotypes Growvn on Distinct Calcareous Soils

In this study Yalova incisi grape cultivar with 140 Ru and 1103 P American rootstocks having different resistance levels to CaCO3 were used as plant material. Genotypes were grown in pots including CaCO3 concentrations of 10%, 30% and 50%. For each medium, 4 different Fe applications were performed....

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Studies On Some Apricot Genotypes Under Adana Ecological Conditions

In this investigation 15 selected types and 21 foreign apricot cvs which were planted at application area of University of Çukurova Faculty of Agriculture were used as material. Adaptation capacites of these material to Adana climatical contidions and the best suited types and cvs were tried to be ...

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Determination Of Genotipic Variations For Salinity Tolerance At Early Plant Growth Stages In Green Beans

In this study, 67 various bean genotypes were screened in the early plant growth stages for the salinity tolerance by the deep flowed water culture technique. These genotypes were exposed to 125 mM of NaCl salinity stress and were investigated for the ion regulation. Moreover, new practical techniqu...

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The Anatomy and Physiology of Preharvest Fruit Cracking in Pomegranate

The aim of this experiment was examination of the anatomy and physiology of preharvest fruit cracking in pomegranate (Punica grantum L.). The experiment was carried out on İzmir 10, İzmir 15, İzmir 16, İzmir 23, İzmir 26, Silifke Aşısı and Hicaz cvs. as 4 replicates at the pomegranate orchard of ort...

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